156 | Every A24 Movie On Blu-ray: Beau Is Afraid

August 25, 2023 01:41:13
156 | Every A24 Movie On Blu-ray: Beau Is Afraid
Every Horror Movie On Netflix
156 | Every A24 Movie On Blu-ray: Beau Is Afraid

Aug 25 2023 | 01:41:13


Show Notes

This week we check out the latest from auteur Ari Aster, BEAU IS AFRAID.  Join us as we try to make sense of this surreal, winding, epic and figure out what it means to us and what it means to cinema!

Speaking of cinema: this week's format change is our way of showing solidarity with the striking members of WGA and SAG-AFTRA (the people who make cinema possible!).  We are further supporting the strike effort by auctioning off a very special opportunity for YOU- yes, you!- to pick our next episode:  bid NOW at https://www.everyhorrormovieonnetflix.com/auction ... bidding ends on Friday, September 1.

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