136 | Incantation

September 29, 2022 00:49:14
136 | Incantation
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136 | Incantation

Sep 29 2022 | 00:49:14


Show Notes

Hou-ho-xiu-yi, si-sei-wu-ma.  Hou-ho-xiu-yi, si-sei-wu-ma.  Join us this week as we participate in a wonderful blessing ritual from Taiwan, take the #IncantationChallenge, create a #NewIncantationChallenge, and find out what ancient taboos were violated by Li Ronan and her innocent little toddler baby Dodo.

Also: Steven reviews Glorious, Chris belatedly reviews Doctor Sleep and Freaky, Patrick reviews Barbarian and Pearl, and we say goodbye to a dear friend of the show.

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