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Join us as we realize our dream to watch, review, and discuss **EVERY HORROR MOVIE ON NETFLIX** in alphabetical order. Hopefully we discover a new favorite movie... or a new least-favorite movie! Follow along at home if you dare, or just let us decide if a film is worthy of your view... or just the queue. New episodes every other Thursday.

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  1. 079 | The Car & The Car: Road to Revenge

    This week's episode is a drive-in double feature as we review the 1977 thriller THE CAR and its 2019 straight-to-video sequel, THE CAR: ROAD TO REVENGE, both of which are now on Netflix. But first! Make sure you head to our first-ever charity auction to benefit the Movement for Black ...


  2. 078 | Nang Nak

    The EHMON gang relives the most famous Thai ghost story of all time in NANG NAK, one of the most successful Thai films of all time. What does this story have to teach us about love, war, death, Buddhism, spiders, and rats? And how does it compare to similar films ...


  3. 077 | Death House

    Would you follow the EHMON gang to hell? Because that's where we're going this week. Very special guest Christine joins us as we watch the star-studded action thriller DEATH HOUSE, a movie that raises many more questions than it answers. Questions like: what? who? why? how? ...


  4. 076 | Every Final Destination Movie Ever

    Join the gang as we try to figure out Death's design across all five films in the 'Final Destination' franchise, four of which are currently available on Netflix! We'll rate, review, and discuss each of the movies, dissect our own anxieties about dying in everyday scenarios, share stories of when ...


  5. 075 | Outbreak

    Since the world as we know it has ended, EHMON is breaking all the rules as well. This week, the gang reviews the 1995 blockbuster OUTBREAK in which a ragtag team of A-list actors tries to stop a killer virus by catching an adorable monkey. We'll talk about ...