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Join us as we realize our dream to watch, review, and discuss **EVERY HORROR MOVIE ON NETFLIX** in alphabetical order. Hopefully we discover a new favorite movie... or a new least-favorite movie! Follow along at home if you dare, or just let us decide if a film is worthy of your view... or just the queue. New episodes every other Thursday.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 023 | Ava's Possessions

    The good news is Ava has just had her controlling evil spirit exorcised. The bad news is now she has to put her life back together and keep the demon from coming back! Join the gang for a discussion of possession and the intricacies of the horror-comedy genre. ...


  2. 022 | It Follows

    Sex! Sex! Sex! Does that get your attention? This week the gang checks out a movie in which teenagers find that sex sometimes leads to being followed by a mysterious entity and/or monster. Join us! ...


  3. 021 | Ataud Blanco

    *Ataud Blanco* takes the gang to Argentina for an exercise in wanton violence. Three mothers compete to retrieve a mysterious white coffin (the titular "ataud blanco" in Spanish) in order to save their children from a dark cult. But is it worthy of your queue? ...


  4. 020 | At The Devil's Door

    In *At The Devil's Door*, we follow three women: one sells real estate, one sells art, and one sells her soul to the devil. Guess which one causes trouble for the others? ...


  5. 019 | Archivo 253

    ¿Qué tal? This week we recap our off-week and then find some footage from Mexico, through which we explore a creepy old asylum that might be haunted! But does this film bring anything new to the crowded found-footage genre? Or is it mucho *aburrido*? ...