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Join us as we realize our dream to watch, review, and discuss **EVERY HORROR MOVIE ON NETFLIX** in alphabetical order. Hopefully we discover a new favorite movie... or a new least-favorite movie! Follow along at home if you dare, or just let us decide if a film is worthy of your view... or just the queue. New episodes every other Thursday.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 066 | Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

    Are you afraid of the dark? Don't be, because EHMON is here to hold your hand as we journey into the dark and dank basement of the massive estate you just took ownership of and to find out what kinds of bizarre CGI creatures await you in the shadows. Join ...


  2. 065 | Holidays

    Are you ready for the holidays? You better be, because this week, EHMON reviews eight movies for the price of one. That's right, it's an anthology! Join Chris, Patrick, and very special guests Allyson and Katie as we run down the year. ...


  3. 064 | Insidious

    Happy Halloween! On this extra-special holiday episode of EHMON, the gang discusses James Wan and Leigh Whannel's 2010 spooker INSIDIOUS while we wait for trick-or-treaters. Plus: enjoy our extra-spooky Halloween scary story!!! ...


  4. 063 | In the Shadow of the Moon

    This week, we do it by the book! Netflix put a police procedural/mystery/sci-fi thriller in their promotional Halloween selection and we ended up watching it. Join us as we talk about the ethics of time travel and murder, avoid discussing JOKER, and introduce Patrick to ASMR. ...


  5. 062 | Under the Shadow

    This week the gang learns about the Iran-Iraq War and ponders the various metaphors and symbols at play in the 2016 film UNDER THE SHADOW. We also continue to whine about Netflix's troublesome presentation decisions and this movie's parallels to other familiar horror movies. ...